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The Upper Peninsula’s Water Pros

For more than a decade, Norway Springs has provided safe, clean water to thousands of homes and businesses across the Upper Peninsula. Let us help you today with bottled water delivery or a new home water softener.

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Water Cooler for Home or Office

Norway Springs Water Coolers

First Month Free!

We’re so confident you’ll love our water cooler and bottled water delivery service that we’ll give you the first month free! Just call us at (800) 928-3704, and we’ll deliver a premium top-loading water cooler, plus (3) five-gallon bottles of great tasting water, all free, just to get you started. Call us to get your water cooler today!

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Norway Springs Water Treatment System solves UP & Northeast WI water problems

Great water protects your home and your family—and Norway Springs is the local company that has been solving the UP & Northeast WI water problems for over 15 years.

These include: hard water scaling, iron/rust staining, manganese, pipe corrosion, bad taste and odor, and contaminants in your water like chlorine, arsenic, nitrates, nitrites, or bacteria.

We solve these problems and more.

A Free Water Test at your home will tell us exactly which is the best system to use to solve your specific water issues– the most cost-effective solution that works for you.

Our Service Mission guarantees: great value; absolute integrity; American-made Systems from a local UP company; a full-service plan for the life of your new system; and rental or purchase options.

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Water Softener Installation

On a tight budget? We offer monthly rental plans with easy terms.

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