Armed with a mission to provide the Upper Peninsula with outstanding water and filtration service at a fair price, Norway Springs is a well-established local service company in the greater Upper Peninsula. It also services the Northeastern portion of Wisconsin. Norway Springs bottles and delivers its own top-ranked purified and artesian bottled water and carries a distinctive line of coolers. Importantly, Norway Springs also provides Total Home Filtration Systems and Service, with technology designed to meet the specific water contamination problems in each customer home. We design and recommend systems after we audit your house water, and provide you with a choice of options from buying a system outright, to rental. In all cases we offer a lifetime service to maintain the system you get from Norway Springs.  We also provide filtration system repairs and salt delivery service.

This is a truly local company, created out of an interest to maintain the local values and natural lifestyle. Taking good care of our families is a big part of what we believe, and a big part of why people choose Norway Springs Water Service. Our Artesian water comes from the famous Norway Springs source, right in our market area. Norway Springs caters to commercial and residential customers of all sizes, with bottled water deliveries right to the office, home or workplace. When it comes to service, we in the U.P. know how to do it right. Give us a try!

Our investors are also all local, as are our employees. From Marquette to Iron Mountain, from Escanaba and Gladstone to Marinette, this business has been growing steadily to meet the growing needs of the families and businesses in the area. Great tasting, healthy, great value water, served ice-cold or steamy hot at the push of a button.  Or, filtration services designed to solve the unique water problems in your home—economically and conveniently.  Our products and service are hard to beat!

Norway Springs prides itself in its water service. Our team is made up of family people who truly care about the people they serve, the quality of their product, as well as the Upper Peninsula and its environment.

“We are an integral part of the community, and we feel as though we are giving back to our community every day we serve here,” said Lisa McRoberts, General Manager for Norway Springs. “As a mother of three, I know how important it is to serve great water to my family every day.”

Water Analysis Results

Water analysis test results for both purified and artesian water can be found here.

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