Boil Water Advisories and the Upper Peninsula

Posted on Mar 7, 2022

Well, here we go again… another boil water advisory for us to contemplate. I know, we are not alone– troopers face these problems too, eh… think about the Flint Michigan disaster just a few years ago!

Only a few days ago I was leaving my home to go to Candies for breakfast when I heard that Upper Michigan Water had issued a boil water advisory for us in Hubbell after the water pressure dropped due to an overnight main-break near the intersection of Highway M-26 and East 10th St. last Thursday. I could not believe it! I sure felt lucky I had the foresight to get my bottled water home delivered—I had six 5-gallon bottles of Norway Springs water waiting for me at home… I even have a water cooler, so I can have my water piping-hot or ice-cold right from the tap.

But it makes me think…. I guess all Yoopers will eventually get bottled water to avoid the constant worry about problems with the water supply—the bad taste from chlorine, the bad color from the iron in our ground, to the dangers in the municipal water from old and decaying pipes… I’m just glad I took control of this problem when I did. Bottled water is the solution for me and my family!! I don’t have to keep looking over my shoulders, wondering when the next warning will hit!

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