Bottled Spring Water: The Drink for the Upper Peninsula as we say goodbye to Winter!!

Posted on Apr 11, 2023

From Marquette to Menominee to Escanaba and Iron Mountain, the UP is getting ready for spring already. And so are all the other towns like Norway, Gladstone, and Ishpeming. Yes, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is ready for Spring—and preparing for the spring sports season for its grade school and high school students.

Basketball is now giving way to baseball, golf and tennis are now being discussed, and our sons and daughters are getting ready to compete on athletic fields outside again.

And so, bottled water is, more than ever, a chosen commodity among families who are concerned about their children’s health and wellbeing. Because it is not enough just to stay hydrated—it is important to stay hydrated with well-tested, low-sodium, lead-free, chlorine-free water—ideally from a local source to reduce the excess waste and carbon footprint from long-distance shipping. And when it gets warmer outside, our bodies need more fluids, and that means more consumption of good quality bottled water.

If you don’t own a water cooler yet, consider it as a great investment—it helps keep our children drinking more water and fewer sugary soft drinks. It makes getting hot coffee and tea more convenient… and having your water delivered to your home is much more convenient than lugging it home from the supermarket. So that means you don’t run out of water—and that is particularly important when you have an active family and spring is in the air! You can even spend your time at baseball games, and not out shopping for water!

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