Our company regularly tests for 62 organic chemicals and 27 inorganic chemicals that are regulated by the FDA. As an extra safeguard we also test for multiple unregulated contaminants. Our primary product, Purified Water, reflects no contaminant detected above FDA’s limits in our testing. There have been no violations of any Standard of Quality promulgated by the FDA, EPA, IBWA nor any of the 50 States.

Our Artesian Water, a natural water sourced from an aquifer right here in Norway, has a higher Total Dissolved Solid count (280) which makes it a special drinking water, higher in minerals, and preferred by many for its unique flavor and mineral-content. It registers marginally higher than SOQ for Manganese (by 5 parts per thousand) reflecting its local mineral heritage.

All testing is performed for Norway Springs by NSF International (NSF), an internationally recognized, independent testing facility whose labs are certified in multiple states including Michigan and Wisconsin.

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