Water Softener Installation

Do you suspect there’s a problem with your water, but don’t know where to start? If you’ve looked around, you may have considered a water softener or water filtration system, but you might have been confused about the difference between the two.

Which one you choose has a lot to do with “what’s in your water.” If you have a problem mainly with odor, and only trace amounts of iron, we might recommend a water softener plus a reverse/osmosis system dedicated for just kitchen drinking water. If your well water has more serious problems, then a heavy-duty water filtration system may be needed to ensure your family has clean, safe water throughout the home.

Norway Springs Service AreaDetermining which system you need begins with our free test of your water.

Our regular service area includes the following seven counties: Dickinson, Delta, Florence, Iron, Marinette, Marquette, and Meonominee. However, if you live in a neighboring country, go ahead and give us a call anyway, and we should be able to schedule an on-site test if your business or home is not too far outside our service area.

What Type of Water Softener or Water Filtration System Is Best for You?

Whether our testing indicates you need a water softener or full filtration system, you’ll receive the finest quality water treatment system made right here in the USA. For all installations, we rely on two primary manufacturers—Evolve Systems of Appleton, Wisconsin, and Hague Quality Water of Groveport, Ohio.

Evolve and Hague Water Systems

What Is the Cost of a Water Softener or Water Filtration System?

Our water softener and filtration prices vary depending on what in your water needs to be treated. The media inside the system is what cleans the water to make it pure before entering your home. Water from a municipal supply is treated differently than water from a well supply. When talking about pricing, it is really best if we come to your home to determine what it is that needs to be treated.

We realize how young families are often on a tight budget, which is why we offer rental plans with reasonable terms, as well as rent-to-own programs where your monthly payments go toward owning the entire system. Depending on the type of system installed, rental prices can range from $18 to $90 per month. Under our rent-to-own plan, 50% of your rental payments can go towards 50% of the outright purchase price of the installed system.

Water Softener Salt Delivery

Once your water softener or water filtration system is installed, the only ongoing costs to operate it are regular maintenance and the salt often used in treatment. While some customers like buying their own salt, many prefer the convenience of our monthly salt delivery service. We offer salt delivery to anyone with a water softener, regardless of where it was purchased.

We recommend our additive-free salt over most brands found in stores. We charge only $8.50 per 50-pound bag delivered right to your home. Our delivery person will unload the salt right to your basement and even fill up your system hopper. We can also put you on a regular delivery cycle, so there’s no order to remember each month. It’s the easiest way to ensure your water treatment system remains in peak working condition for years to come!

Water Softener Salt Delivery

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