Love your water, love your home!

Great tasting water for your family

Remove impurities. Fresh water the way nature meant it to be.  We can also remove lead,
e. coli, THM, and bacteria.

…and even your pets!!!

With a total home system, every tap in the home has the same great water… so you can easily fill a bowl for your pet—from any tap!

Take care of your family’s health

No more soap scum or unpleasant smells to keep bath time from being a warm, nurturing experience – it’s automatic!!

…and no more scrubbing!

A clean bathroom and kitchen without the hard scrubbing, scouring and hard work!

Get a FREE, on-site water test.  You can pick the lowest cost option to fix your home’s water problems.  We conduct a no-obligation water assessment to test the water going into your home, then analyze the characteristics of the water to determine the type of filtration that best meets your needs.  That way we can minimize your cost while best solving your water problems.  Our experience and integrity make us the perfect choice for helping you to “love your water, love your home.”

Wonder why we are the best in the business?

Our team, delivering on our promise, is what makes the difference:
the Norway Springs Service Mission Promises-

  • Absolute personal integrity.
  • Great Value on all our products.
  • Rent or buy our Systems!
  • Guaranteed service & product Satisfaction… we are there for you after the sale!
  • Full after-installation service plan available for the life of your System!
  • Local UP company; American-made products.
  • We service all makes and models.

Also, Norway Springs has a full range of products from two great American companies, strong industry leaders.

So, we can address all your individual water problems!

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