What is Convenient AND “Good for You???” (Or, don’t carry a cow home with you when there are other alternatives!)

Posted on Feb 21, 2022

In this day and age of Covid and masks and social distancing, every trip out to the store becomes at least difficult… if not just plain too risky to consider… so, in our household, we find ourselves turning more and more to convenient alternatives if we can find them.

Well, if you are like a growing number of homes across the UP, you have already adopted the use of bottled water… and maybe you even have the luxury of a hot-and-cold water cooler in your home to make life a bit more convenient for quick access to iced water and hot coffee.

But if you are still buying bottled water at the store (in 3- or 5-gallon jugs for your cooler, or in cases of small, throw-away, plastic bottles) you must be getting really tired of lugging it home, week after week after week. You know that bottled water is good for you, but really???? Is it worth this kind of risk and effort?

Did you know that 8 glasses of water a day for a family of four means 960 lbs. of water a month??? [64 ounces a day, or 1 gallon, is 8 lbs. of water a day per person times 30 days times 4 people is 960 lbs. of water]. Ok, so most people only drink about 4 of their 8 glasses a day, so that would cut this weight number in half to only 480 lbs. of water to carry home from the store each month. That is akin to the weight of a Harley-Davidson Cruiser, or an Irish Dexter cow, for perspective…

The two reasonable alternatives for you? Getting home delivered bottled drinking (or spring or artesian or distilled) water in returnable 3- and 5-gallon jugs or getting a total home filtration system so your entire home has clean, processed, purified water from every tap. Both choices give you convenience AND a healthy alternative to other beverages like soft drinks or high-calorie fruit drinks.

Getting a Home Filtration System is an investment up front (but then very low cost per gallon thereafter), while home delivered bottled water is no more expensive than most bottled water sold in supermarkets.

Both these solutions are ideal for the modern family of today, dealing with the realities of shopping in our new world.

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