Wonder Why People Drink Water to Help Lose Weight?

Posted on Feb 14, 2022

It is often said that good-tasting bottled water enhances your well-being and fitness… but that is generally most clearly noticed by its impact on how you eat. It is apparent that many healthy people can be seen carrying around their own personal water bottles, but that is not a coincidence. There are lots of factual reasons why water can help you lose weight, and in so doing, can help make you healthier.

First, good quality water is a natural appetite suppressant. It has no calories, so you can fill your stomach while gaining no weight at all.

It has been shown that adults who do not hydrate properly have higher body mass indices (BMI’s). This research was first published in 2016, by the Annals of Family Medicine under the title “Inadequate Hydration, BMI, and Obesity Among US Adults.” It showed statistical evidence to support their conclusion that low levels of hydration are directly associated with high BMIs and obesity.

The US Department of Health and Human Services (if you can ever believe a government agency again after the last few years!) recommends that we choose water over all other beverages as our primary choice to help keep our diet aligned.

Water, whether it is bottled water, properly filtered water (like you would get in a Total Home Filtration from Norway Springs), or spring water, if it is not contaminated with chlorine or other harmful chemicals, can act as a primary or “essential” nutrient. Consider changing your diet, maybe just a little, starting today!

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